Modern, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy is critical for economic growth in Africa. More than 60% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity. Technological innovation and declining costs have made decentralized energy solutions a viable option to boost economic activity in areas that would otherwise be waiting years for grid connection.

Africa is a very fragmented continent, and project development can be extremely complex due to the lack of information about local context and policies.

Aggregate Opportunities


Originate aims at matching project opportunities proposed by communities or developers that answer real electrification needs, with the support of major renewable energy industry operators, members of RES4Africa, who are seeking business opportunities and that can bring skills and experience.

We intend to create a reliable data and market information base to give access to project opportunities, enable informed decisions on policies, site assessments, investment opportunities and design of delivery mechanisms. Data and information will be made available and accessible to market actors through the platform.

Originate intends to fill this gap by collecting such information from developers and stakeholders, and share it with a network of industry operators who can provide valuable support in the feasibility assessment, definition of the business model to make projects happen.

Make projects happen


RES4Africa gathers a network of 30+ members from across the sustainable energy value chain including utilities, industry operators, advisors, agencies, technical service providers, research institutes and academia. These actors have deployed cutting edge mini-grid and off-grid projects, and renewable energy technologies across Africa and throughout the globe.

Supporting local capacity development is key for widespread development of these projects, and RES4Africa could play an enabling role in this mission.

Support of R4A community


Decentralized energy solutions in Africa are developed under a variety of business models, depending on the ownership, size, customer and local context.

Identification of creditworthy off-takers and secure revenue streams is fundamental for the solidity of any project, therefore accurate collection of information about the local context is essential for the definition of the business model.

Originate, with the support of its partners, aims at categorizing projects and defining standardized approaches in line with technical, commercial, environmental and social requirements of development funding institutions.

Setting guidelines for bankability of a project


A successful project is a collaborative affair with widespread support and involvement of local communities, in which various stakeholders are involved. International funding institutions, local administrations and authorities, development agencies and NGOs are best positioned to advise on local electrification needs that can turn into projects, and Originate intends to aggregate these opportunities and provide the missing link to energy operators.

Aligning project objectives with community priorities is as fundamental as understanding requirements of funding institutions to structure a solid initiative and secure investment support.

We welcome partnership opportunities with entities and operators who can populate our platform database and help us make an opportunity emerge by channeling it and shaping it with the support of the RES4Africa network.

Stakeholder engagement